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Everything about the customer is changing motivations, connections, expectations, time and purchasing power.


You need to get improvements to the talent and customer’s Excellence, making sure you’re getting a positive return on investment in your people, training initiatives, and incentive programs. 

Our mystery shopping programs bring you detailed information about a customer’s experience, we help you to create real and effective plans of action to help your business go from good to great.

training consultancy on excellence and luxury management

Our team offers an extensive range of consultancy, coaching and training programs. We have helped hundreds of companies in every category tailor winning strategies to gain a competitive edge. 

We are convinced that talent is the real engine of success for a luxury brand.  We have applied our deep expertise across every facet of the value chain to help luxury goods or service companies thrive in a dynamic, rapidly evolving market.

Our team of consultants with international expertise in luxury retail and hospitality supports our clients in the world

MANAGEMENTORING & business coaching on luxury business

An Excellence System has a single ultimate goal : to achieve the best performance in  security, quality and lead time, for customers, for the company and for all employees.


Studies show performance gaps of more than 30% between companies that have an Excellence System embodied and practised by their managers and those that do not.


Thus, I decided to make Operational Excellence one of my mission, by developing a System inspired by both the best practices on the market and its existing mechanisms.

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Luxury organisations are looking to the future to transform services, reach new customers, and build new business models. Technology and transformative experience are part of the solution.

We take a holistic view of luxury service delivery, understanding the technology, people and processes required to deliver the best possible talent and customer experiences.

Every customer journey, as simple as it looks, happens in a more and more complex ecosystem. In other words, a good business takes care of the front stage and the backstage of its journey.


luxury courses & certification online, BLENDED or face2face

Our luxury retail skills learning suite is a complete solution.


This is equates to 24 hours of learning. For use anytime, anywhere - on all devices. We want to share our luxury marketing retail skills and expertise.We contribute to your brand's digital transformation to put you on the path to success. Learn directly from our world-class expertise.

Our luxury blended courses use a combination of short videos, hands-on exercises, live visio-training and peer discussions to provide an all all-online, mobile-ready certification experience that fits into busy schedules.


Tour Eiffel - formation experts Luxe

“Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, Luxe,

calme et volupté.”

Charles Baudelaire 

Les Fleurs du mal




Luxury Training Consultancy & Mentoring

The quest for excellence is building a better future

Luxury Brands are looking to the future to transform experiences and reach new talents and customers

We help premium and luxury brands achieve results faster than ever before.

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